We construct custom airplane hangars

Soaring over the great plains of the Midwest is a beautiful experience, but it can be filled with a lot of worry if you don’t have a nice place to store your airplane.

Moorhead Airport InsidePlanes are expensive, and to some it can be a loss of livelihood if their plane is damaged. The upper Midwest is home to some of the most severe weather in the United States, and a mediocre building can cost your plane’s life. We make sure your plane is safe and sound with our hangars, built with your plane in mind.

When building a home for your aircraft, you want a hangar that will make it through the harsh winter snow storms, where the hangar building can withstand the weight of cumbersome snow. It also needs to be strong enough to withstand the forceful summer winds and tornadoes.

We at Foltz Buildings, Inc. only use the best materials for our aircraft hangars, because we want it to last for generations. With our finest materials to create a state of the art home for your aircraft. We can create a hangar for your helicopter, crop duster, biplane, glider, or even military aircraft.

We use Engineered Factory Built Trusses that are designed to surpass the maximum snow and wind requirements of the upper Midwest. We use the heartiest material of Machine Stressed Rated Lumber and our frames are designed to withstand even the fiercest summer storm.

Want your own custom airplane hangar?

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