We build garages

Elwood JohnsonAre you missing some much needed storage for your seasonal supplies? Do you want some extra space to fit your new pick-up truck? OR a place to safely house your school buses when they are not in use? Garages do not have to be limited to a bland afterthought, but instead are innovated spaces.

Whether you already have an existing garage, or need a new one built entirely, we at Foltz can help you forge your garage to fit all your needs. Your dream garage is only limited by your own imagination. We can create the garage to be heated, have custom trim, and whatever your heart’s desire.

From the first steps of picking a frame plan, Foltz Buildings will assist you in adapting your frame plan within the space you have to work with. Whether you want your garage to be 16′ X 24′ or 90′ X 352′, we can make your dream a reality.

Since we don’t outsource our projects, our knowledgeable team builds with our favorite 2″ X 6″ Wall Girts, which provides a wider nailing surface and more wind resistance for a rigid, long-lasting wall system.

We only use Machine Stressed Rated Lumber, Foltz Buildings uses Machine Stress Rated Lumber which is engineered tested, and is lumber 2 grades higher than traditional standard lumber other builders use.

Want your own custom garage?

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