We construct commercial and industrial buildings

Mechanical InsulationPlanning to build a new office? Ready to open your dream bait and tackle shop? Investing in a new dwelling place for your business is exciting, but also plagued by anxiety. You want security knowing your building is going to last for decades to come.

We at Foltz Buildings, Inc. excel at crafting commercials and industrial buildings for all your business needs. Because we understand the value of high-quality materials, we only use premier and commercial grade building materials like Laminated Columns.

Our motto is we do not use cheap, subpar building materials. Laminated Columns are stronger than conventional pole buildings, rigorously treated to be straight, and have a lifespan of 60-90 years. Even when exposed to weight, shifting, and water damage. Laminate will hold and not bend. We love it for our Midwest building projects, since the ground easily shifts and floods during the winter and spring months.

Since our materials are above average, they come with a slightly higher price tag, but with that price comes reassurance that your commercial or industrial building will stand the test of time. From when we began working in construction 38 years ago, we have not received one callback from a building breaking down.

Foltz Buildings, Inc. works directly with you and will not hire your building project to other contractors. We are with you from the first meeting to the final walk-through of your construction experience. Everything aspect of your new custom building is put up by our own in house crew.

If you’re looking for a quality building that will last your company 90 plus years, Foltz Buildings, Inc. will be there for you, and work to make sure your commercial or industrial building will last you a lifetime.

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