We create custom insulated machine shops

Aggressive TowingNot all projects can be completed in a garage. Sometimes you need the space to undertake fixing up retro cars, repairing farm equipment, or a place to do wood-working. When your livelihood or hobby cannot be done on rainy days, you need a building designed for completing your projects.

We create insulated machine shops that are meant to increase productivity. Not only as you fix up that antique china hutch, our insulated machine shops are built to keep out heat, cold, and moisture. You can even have an office set up in your building!

Because of the materials we use at Foltz Buildings, Inc. you can always be in your insulated machine shop, even on the bitterest cold winter day, or the hottest summer heat. We use above industry grade materials to assure your building can withstand the strongest seasonal storms. All our structure beams are laminated, and will not rot, twist, warp, or bend due to heavy moisture exposure.

No matter what you intend to use it for, Foltz Buildings, Inc. will work with you from the first consultation and help you create a floorplan that is perfect for your work needs.

Want your own custom machine shop?

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