We create custom buildings

Have a building request that’s a little outside the realm of normal? Worried your design is too much for a contractor to handle?

At Foltz Buildings, Inc. we’re willing to help you achieve your goals and make your dream building a reality. Even if it falls outside of traditional floor-plan category, we can work with your ideas and craft an exclusive structure. Our flexible, open plans allow you to control the features of your building, making it the ideal to meet all your needs. A Foltz Buildings, Inc. team member will help you build your custom building plan, assuring it’s functional.

Our structure beams are all Laminated Columns, and treated for a 60 year warranty. Each of the plys used to create your architecture is treated before they are glued together, opposed to the conventional method of only treated the first inch into wood.

Treated Laminated Columns will not rot out if they crack, and the glue is Waterproof assuring they will not separate, warp, twist, or crack. Laminated Columns are 80% stronger than traditional pole beams and last for 90 years.

Want your own custom building?

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