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Is Post-Frame Construction Less Expensive?

Compared to other building methods, post-frame is often the faster, more efficient alternative while still maintaining a high quality building.

Can I Design My Own Building?

Absolutely. The design of a Foltz Building is only limited by your imagination, and our designers can help you with that as well.  Whether you need a small garage, a large building capable of many uses, or anything in between, our Foltz Buildings designers can help you make your dream a reality.

What is the typical completion time for a Foltz Building, from the time I order it to the completion?

This varies by the season and type of building.  Please call a Foltz representative for specific information.

Do you sell nationwide?

No. Foltz Buildings is located in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota and services Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Why do I hear Foltz Buildings are straighter and stronger?

Foltz used 3-ply 2″ X 6″ glu-laminated engineered columns which are crook, twist and warp resistant.  These 3-ply columns are up to 3 to 4 times stronger than many of our competitors posts and columns.  Foltz also uses 2″ X 6″ wall girts (for added wind resistance and stronger walls), 2″ X 8″ treated bottom nailer, 2″ X 6″ diagonal corner bracing (for further strengthening the entire structure), concrete footing (steel pins installed in columns are anchored in 180 lbs of concrete per hole below the frost line), diagonal roof bracing (for buildings over 40 feet in width), continuous lateral bracing (for buildings over 40 feet in width), bottom chord ties, and G100 galvanized steel panels (recognized for its superior corrosion resistance).

Is post-frame construction reliable?

Extremely.  Foltz Buildings design, using the post frame construction, are proven and time tested.  Foltz has built thousands of buildings over the last 25 years and has thousands of satisified customers.  Foltz Buildings are maintenance free and more energy efficient.

What colors are available?

Foltz Buildings have 20 color options to mix-and-match.

What grade of wood do you use?

Foltz Buildings uses Machine Stress Rated Lumber which is an engineered tested lumber and is up to 2 grades higher than the standard lumber most of our competitors use.

Do you offer your buildings in "material only" packages that I can build myself?


What trim options are available?

All Foltz Buildings come standard with base trim, rake and corner trim, c-metal trim, ridge cap, eave trim, jamb trim and track board cover.

Options include vented overhangs, soffit systems, wainscot, full-length ridge light, ridge vents, continuous ridge ventilation, cupolas, open ridge flashing and plyfoil roof insulation.

Can I get custom ordered windows and doors?

Yes. Your Foltz representative can customize any feature of the building.

What does a Foltz Building typically cost?

To better answer that question, call a Foltz representative today at 800-255-9981 to receive a no obligation quote.  Our Foltz representatives have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to designing facilities that meet your needs for budget, function and appearance.
Click here to contact a Foltz representative using our web-based form.

What is the widest a Foltz Building can span?

90 ft.

What are your column and rafter spacings?

The spacings will vary depending upon the design and use of the building.

Column spacing is commonly 4ft or 8ft on center. Truss spacing is 4ft on center.

What size cupolas do you have to offer?

2 foot, 3 foot & 4 foot

What type of door options do you offer?

Door options include overhead, bifold, sliding, walk-in, dutch doors, glass doors and vent doors.

What is the Smallest Foltz Building available?

16′ X 24′

What is the Largest Foltz Building available?

90′ X 352′

What are your standard overhangs?

1 foot or 2 foot

What is your paint warranty?

45 years

What roof pitch is standard?

4/12 pitch


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