We build livestock and farm centers

Foltz Buildings Inc - Livestock - Detroit Lakes, MNFarming is a staple of the Midwest, our amber plains of grain are a key feature of our history.

When you’re a farmer, whether it be for livestock or grains, you need a barn, or housing center for your seeds, protecting your livelihood is critical to your success.

You only want the finest quality materials to safeguard your animals, equipment, and your seeds. Buildings are designed with the well-being of your animals in mind, and protecting them from the harsh elements that rule the great Midwest plains.

Foltz Buildings, Inc. constructs buildings with state of the art engineering technology, our frames and structures are able to withstand the strongest Midwest tempest.

Our design consultants have years of experience designing various custom buildings that are efficient and comfortable places all year-round for your livestock and seeds. Let a Foltz Buildings, Inc. representative work with you to and your budget to create a building that can be part of your family for generations to come.

Foltz Buildings, Inc. wood frame construction and clear-span trusses make it the ideal building for any use. This type of construction allows for the flexibility to design the perfect custom building. Our exterior appearance options, including a wide selection of colors and trim packages, make Foltz Buildings, Inc. an attractive choice.

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