Customer Testimonials

Foltz Buildings has had thousands of satisfied customers ever since the first building was been built over 35 years ago.

“Excellent workmanship”, “quality materials” and “professionalism” are just some of the many compliments Foltz’s customers make about the buildings and the crew.

Anoka, MN Don Kivi
“We are very pleased with the building. The crew did an excellent job. They were very professional in their work. They did an excellent job in construction and had an exceptionally well organized and clean job site. They are to be highly commended. We will recommend your company to any that we can. Thank you very much.”

Bemidji, MN – Kirt Dreyer
“We are extremely pleased with the building and with the work of Tony and Brad. Their work is exemplary.”

Bertha, MN – Dennis Portor
“Excellent materials & workmanship.”

Detroit Lakes, MN – Lakes Glass – Larry Jones
“You definitely got your moneys worth with a Foltz Building. The workmanship and materials are excellent.”

Detroit Lakes, MN – Jay Hansen
“Well Satisfied. Excellent crew and very good workmanship. The materials and warranty are superior to lumber yard built buildings.”

Detroit Lakes, MN – Harry Kruger
“It was very good work. We are well satisfied with the building and the workers.”

Dunvilla, MN – Pete Gibson
“The building looks great and was constructed when the salesman said it would be done.”

Fergus Falls, MN – Jerry Juren
“I was pleased with the entire process of working with Foltz Buildings – planning, design, materials and construction. This is a building that is well constructed & functional. Thanks for doing a quality job. The crew was well organized and worked hard. I would not hesitate to put up another Foltz Building.”

Fergus Falls, MN – Julian Wold
“I compared a lot of buildings and kept coming back to Foltz. The materials and workmanship is unsurpassed. It’s an excellent building.”

Georgetown, MN – Clayton Richards
“Your crew is unbelievably efficient. It seems every move they make you can see the job progressing. This is not the case in many crews. They were personable, kind and very knowledgeable. They serve your company well. I’ll highly recommend a Foltz Building and their crew to anyone. Thank you.”

Lake Park, MN – Garnet Evenson
“Foltz Buildings are the best built! Building materials and workmanship are far better than other buildings we looked at.”

Mahnomen, MN – Becky Boone
“We are very impressed with the quality and professionalism of the Foltz building staff. We will share our satisfaction with anyone who is interested in buiding”

Moorhead, MN – Service Master – Jim & Bev Hanson
“We were very pleased with the friendly professional crew. The building was done on time and on budget. It looks great.”

Moorhead, MN – Charles Brendemuhl
“The building went up really fast. Good materials, excellent workmanship and nice people to work with.”

Moorhead, MN – Ron Laske
“Fantastic! Very impressed with everything. Superior construction, quality materials and excellent workmanship. I couldn’t be happier.”

Morris, MN – Kevin Johnson
“I am very pleased with the building. The crew did a good job.”

Nevis, MN – Wayne Henschke
“We are very satisfied with our Foltz Building. Excellent quality materials, service and workmanship. Dan and his crew did a super job. We already have and will continue to recommend Foltz to others who are considering a building.”

Park Rapids, MN – Cliff & Kathleen Lafreniere
“We are most pleased with the beauty of the building.”

Pelican Lake, MN – Paul Wurzer
“The crew did a good job. Everyone was amazed how fast it was erected. They sure know how to build them. Thanks.”

Pelican Rapids, MN – Ron Geerdes
“The crew did a very nice job on my building. Dan is very presice & knowledgeable, Brett & Chris were very polite and worked at the task at hand! Very pleased with everything!”

Underwood, MN – Dennis Buckholz
“Dan and Craig are very progressive and do high quality work! An excellent crew!”

Vadnais Heights, MN – Gary Grim
“Thanks to all of you at Foltz, Pete Thielen, and to Ben Pickett for the best excavating I have ever seen. The guys that put up the building were hard working, friendly and did a very good job.”

Waubun, MN – Clayton Skaurud
“We are very happy with the construction of the building. The crew has done an excellent job.”

Wolverton, MN – Wally Nord
“Foltz did a fine job. We have a quality building built by quality craftsmen.”

Bathgate, ND – Kevin Brown
“The crew did a perfect job. I am very happy with the work. I would like the same crew when the time comes to finish the inside.”

Fairmont, ND – Ron & Gloria Hubring
“After all the things we had go wrong on the house, it was nice to see a crew come in and do an excellent job, workmanship wise. I really respect the crew for being neat and good to work with.”

Fargo, ND – Scott Vigen
“We’ve worked with other builders and this was the best experience we have ever had. They deliver. It’s a great building at a fair price.”

Fargo, ND – Vic Haugrud
“The building went up very fast, quality and work was very good.”

Hankinson, ND – Dave Muehler
“Excellent job, good crew, very neat and good clean up of the job site. Thanks!”

Harwood, ND – Joel Vance
“Materials and workmanship were top quality. The two man crew were very efficient and thorough in every way.”

Lidgerwood, ND – Joel Wettstein
“The crew and everyone at Foltz Buildings were great to work with. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to build.”

Mooreton, ND – Bob Klosterman
“I put up a 60′ X 68′ Foltz insulated farm shop. The way Foltz insulates and lines their buildings make them very easy to heat and maintain. I strongly recommend a Foltz Super insulated building to anyone thinking of building.”

Pembina, ND – Tim Wilwand
“I was very pleased with my new Foltz office building.”

Pettibone, ND – Dennis Morlock
“Excellent materials & workmanship. The crew did very nice work.”

Wahpeton, ND – Matejcek Farms
“I choose Foltz Buildings because of the high quality workmanship and materials they use. I own other buildings, but Foltz is a better built building.”

Wahpeton, ND – Steve & Linda Warner
“Really hard-working, professional crew! It looks great!”

West Fargo, ND – Case IH
“It’s a nice looking building. The crew was good and it’s a great company to work with. I highly recommend Foltz Buildings to anyone considering building.”

Sisseton, SD – Dave Ramsden
“The building is great!… Thanks! The guys worked so fast and friendly…”